YOU. US. AND OUR LOCAL HEROES The good from the hood. Right here for you

We proudly present our Local Heroes

Never alone

"Never alone, we go hand in hand, together we're big and strong like a wall!" Singing together just feels good.

Hannover 96 is one of Germany's oldest football clubs and thus boosts our beautiful city also in terms of football. And has been doing so for 125 years!  No surprise then, that Hannover 96 has the first-ever team historian and one of the largest professional football archives. The only thing missing is a museum actually. And what is not, can still become. After all, there is a lot to tell from 125 years and this will continue to be the case for the next 125 years. 

We love our city. And we love our football club. We are Hannover.

We are Recken fans through and through ♥ A club to love. And we do.

Once a RECKE, always THE RECKEN ♥

Once a RECKE, always THE RECKEN.

DIE RECKEN is not only a great club that has been regularly knocking its fans out of their boots and off their sofas with great, exciting and first-class top handball since 2011. DIE RECKEN also stand for social responsibility and great commitment to promote exercise and health, youth and prospects as well as integration.

THE RECKEN connect and support with lots of passion. And they play incredibly well. We are proud to be partners ♥

Last Night a deejay saved my life.

Listen up to your local deejay.

„Money doesn’t buy happiness. Only #YOURHEART makes you happy.“

Artwork by Marcel Deinhardt ❤

"Life is very short and our time should be spent, as much as possible, exclusively with people and things that make us happy and that we love."

Artwork artist "Yourheart", aka Marcel Deinhardt has done just that! He has always loved to paint. No matter with what. No matter on what. Meanwhile, he paints on canvases and aluminum composite panels. AND he customizes everything that falls into his hands, or what his customers and fans want from him. Jackets, shirts, shoes, hoodies, handbags ... you name it. Or wish it! It's also in his blood: his great-grandfather transformed buildings into works of art with his art. 

Here at me and all hannover you can admire his works everywhere. Many of his paintings hang in our hallways and lounge. And he has also fabulously customized our buffet walls! 

So if you want to have your very own Piece of Art, Marcel will create it with and for you ❤. 

Look forward to vivid color explosions and nostalgic childhood memories artistically packaged in modern art.

Popcorn fresh & crispy

Enjoy a unique taste experience.

Tastes like freshly popped!

There’s not much that beats out popcorn made with lots of love!

A local start-up based in the heart of Hanover with a great enthusiasm for popcorn and its own online shop. The ingredients are carefully selected in the production of Pokica's gourmet popcorn: Corn from verified farming in France and free of artificial colourings and flavourings.




Whether Dark & White Chocolate or Caramel & Peanut Butter. The range of different flavours is exceptional and is regularly enriched with new varieties. Made with love, natural ingredients and a special method without oil for that extra crunch.


Pokica popcorn is delicious and always good for a sweet or salty surprise!


Pure aroma highlights by variety.

Brought to you by Hannoversche Kaffeemanufaktur


It all began in March 2012 with pure coffee at its finest level. And in the same year, the Hanoverian coffee factory was officially named "Culinary Ambassador of Niedersachsen" by the Prime Minister. 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 likewise! The "Hannover 96 Kaffee" and the "Recken Blend" also come from the Hannover Coffee Manufactory. Icing on the cake is their social and regional commitment to "Aktion Sonnenstrahl", the "Asphalt-Zeitung", the "Aegidius Haus" and the "Kinderherz" campaign.

Coffee that not only tastes incredibly good, but also fits in incredibly well with us ♥

Class not mass. More malt, more hops, more passion, more taste! Mashsee Brewery.

Call it love.

Whether to combine established beer styles with current tastes, to revive and reinterpret old beer styles, or simply to brew completely freely and creatively. All of this is possible and necessary on a small scale, so that new beers can be created again and again. And all this is the Mashsee Brauerei Hannover.

Class instead of mass!That's why the guys are brewing in a self-designed microbrewing plant that can produce around 120 litres of beer per brew by hand.  And only when a new creation is 1000% convincing does it go to a larger plant of befriended breweries to become big as well.

"We know just as little compromise when it comes to the choice of raw materials as we do when it comes to the authenticity of our beers. We do not extract any valuable ingredients from them by filtration or stabilisation, we do not pasteurise and leave our beers as they are: living fresh products!

The beers from the Mashsee Brauerei Hannover are therefore no ordinary beers. They are full of passion and good vibrations ♥ on top of the great taste. 

Strictly made in Hannover ♥

Pop-Up Store HANNOVER.made

No one is like you. Wood meets flower.

Außergewöhnlich, einzigartig, besonders.

The Premium Handcraft Gin does without the usual citrus note and impresses with its floral, gentle touch. Sandalwood, lavender & rosemary characterize this gin and invite you to a dreamy walk through the pinewood. Nobody Dry Gin was the first gin to use wood as a botanical. 

So here you can let a wood-flowery novelty melt on your tongue, coming entirely from Hannover ♥

A life without T-shirts is possible. But hey, who would want that?

Nothing like a really good T-shirt. Nothing. Nope. Nothing.

Your T-Shirt. Your Design. Your Message.

The shop TOM&CO offers you a mixture of style and functionality. And since TOM&CO are a creative manufacturing business, they have integrated their "workshop" so that you can watch them working. 

"We are a creative team consisting of media designers, autodidacts, trainees and students, who inspire us again and again with new ideas directly from the target group. We all enjoy the job because the often same activity is different every day.

Your favourite T-shirts, Happy-Hoodies and Whatnots are more or less, so to speak, almost finished ♥